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My personal physical evolution is out of my concern at present time.

I’m grateful to my ancestors for their wise or lucky choices of healthy, genetically strong partners for the impregnations.
But even after their hard work, I see that my body needs some improvements. I have no ability to perform needed upgrades for myself at the moment. The only thing I can do in this direction now is to take care about my future generations’ health. So I'm taking a part in the physical evolution of mankind by sleeping with pretty and healthy girls, spreading through them my genetic materials to the future generations.

I know that I will drop my body sooner or later, but I don't know for sure what will happen to me after that moment. Also I have no idea where I was before the moment, when my dad's genetic messenger in form of his spermatozoid successfully penetrated my mom's egg. Had I existed before that moment? Was I nothing or I was some kind of creature staying beside my mom and dad and waiting for their success? Am I dispensable onetime creature who became alive in my mom’s womb and will die and perish forever in a tomb? From Womb to a Tomb! Is it funny or may be eternally wise combination?

Surprisingly but acceptance of onetime self-existence is quite relaxing and calming for us. You are nothing! You can stop worry about Eternal life and Heaven. You can start enjoying your normal human being life, as it was before, without these f.... preachers, mullah and rabies, who were bribed by the rich to keep us in their order and enslave us for these bloodsuckers eternally. So go ahead and sleep with as many girls as you can, eat whatever you wish, do whatever you need to until your last fart and respect nobody but your wise parents, freedom, justice and Sun above and inside you.

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