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So He made decision to create something different from all high things in Universe, distant and relatively independent from Spiritual world surrounding Him, but in same time that creature should be able to achieve connection to the Spiritual world and even to Him through self-improvement and spiritual evolution. The Idea was to create a new entity, something like a human being, the creatures which are fully belong to the animal kingdoms, but in same time have something else which allows them to reside on edge between animal kingdom and spiritual world. The material base for these kind of creatures was already there in physical forms, residing on many planets in the World on lowest stages of the animals kingdoms. The souls of these creatures were dark without any light, the character was aggressive and brain was small, personality was ignorant and stupid, the feeling were primitive and behavior was simply predatory. These creatures were the painful obstructions for the animal kingdoms and He was set up to remove this undeserved punishment from the Law obeying animals.

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