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After considerations He drafted the Plan and issued the Order. The Legion of spiritual entities from His Entourage like the bonfire’s sparks rushed from His Realm to the darkness. They were delivering the small glistering tiny fractions of His Spirit to the humanoids’s dark souls residing on many planets in different destinations. The Entourage was given a wild card for the Plan implementation. So spiritual entities who arrived on Earth just mixed genes from humanoids and monkey branches. Job was done and now many human beings on Earth can occasionally find a small smoldering coal hiding in the gray darkness of their souls, but many can find nothing in their souls but full darkness. On other planets implementation of His plan went much better and development of human races there was fast, straight and the fruition was amazing. They’ve build high morality civilizations residing in harmony with all natural world and spiritual entities of the planets in the clean and just surrounding. They’ve finished perfectly His first assignment to build on their planets the perfect global infrastructures excellently suited for life of all human beings, animal kingdom and spiritual entities. So after that, they were assigned to the second assignment by Him, to guard and parent the bad fruits of that great experiment on some other planets like ours. Some of us were lucky to see, or meet or even to communicate to these guardians once in a while.

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