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From the Beginning He's implemented the law of Evolution for majority of creatures made by Him and by his Entourage. In accordance with it He declared and enforced law of Ladder for all kind of beings in Visible World, human races were included. So all creatures regardless of their size and inner structure were included as the equal and respectful part in the Evolutionary Circle Flow, which is streaming from Invisible to Visible World and back to the Sky. The inner logic of the Evolutionary process was simple. The goal of evolution for every king of being was set straight: they have to evolve and abandon the material world as a spiritual creature. In fully spiritual forms they will have better chances to survive future Grand Collisions like the Contraction of the Visible World to the FireBall or time of the Dissolution of the Visible World. When He started the movement of the Evolutionary Circle Flow He was pleased to see how like the Parakupa Vena Falls on Earth, but infinitely bigger, the water falls of Souls Mist was gratefully falling down from the spiritual Sky to the material rocks of the visible world and then how the Water Dust is coming back to the Sky from the Water Pound. Some particles from Water Dust will survive the number of circles, loosing every time parts of their material components and step-by-step becoming more and more advanced and spiritual creatures. Finally some of them will be able to hear the silence of Invisible World and fallow the rules and some of them will be assigned to lead the followers, some of them later will join His Entourage. But many of them during their material journeys will make crucial mistakes, cruel actions breaking the Universal Law. They will never abandon the water pound, never return to the Sky. They will feed the darkness of underground waters, thirsty animals, plants, birds and etc. The Great Circle will be finished for them forever in the underground lakes or for some it will be postponed for the long time in the underground rivers. With the great possibility they won't able to make through the FireBall and will be burn to the nonexistence.

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