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By Way He created the Visible World, He implemented the universal Law of creation and ownership. This Law states that creation of something useful and peaceful produce the ownership’s rights for the creators, hence they are working for Him and as Him creating something good in the Visible world. So someone can personally own something, if that something was personally and lawfully created by that someone. And this is the only Point where the ownership’s and monopoly rights are exist for somebody else but Him. Everything beyond this point belong to Him and covered by His Monopoly Rights! The rest of it, like the ownership rights lawful and just transfer is considered by Him as a temporary obtaining by somebody the leasing rights. That's it! The Earth as well as all planets in Universe belong to nobody but to the Planets themselves and to Him. The Planets as the mothers of all creatures residing on them, with their satellites and Sun are establishing the living cells of the Visible world within Universes. All flora and fauna, land, water, oil, gas and minerals on the planets are part of them, came from them, exist only because of them. All creatures within planets as well as people have equal rights regardless of their appearance and have responsibilities in accordance with their abilities and gifts. Natural world and majority of people live in peace with His Law, but others are committing crimes against Him and own Mother Planet. Driving by greed they are globally polluting, poising, pesticide the planet. They are destroying the living flash of the planet by fracking and other brutal and deadly methods and technologies. These criminal acts of killing the living flash of Earth are forcing Her to respond accordingly in purpose to protect own life and living world on Her. The Yellowstone is trembling and crack on Hwy5 near Bakersfield has been marked, as well as others future ruinous events.

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