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All natural resources, liquids, gases and minerals on the planets, as well as on the Earth can not belong to anybody personally. They belong to Earth, and to all creatures residing there including all people residing withing a state entity lawfully claiming that peace of land. As well as all profit from natural resources development, production, manufacturing, sale and all other activities with them equally belong to all creature residing there, as well to all people within that state entity. Nobody can claim the monopoly rights to anything except the creators of these things. There are no monopoly rights for sale of anything. The monopoly and prices fixing on the diamonds, oil, mineral resources and land, as well as monopoly and speculations on money and power, truth and freedom have never come from Him, and it’s never brings anything good as the acts against Him and people. People and even some spices are addicted to ownership of many many kinds of things completely forgiving about own mortality and His rights as the Creator. Some people are constantly and desperately obtaining unnecessary money and goods hence exhausting, robbing own planet and other people. They are “establishing” and mark their claiming territories with different landmarks, starting from own urine and feces and finishing with peace of papers and boarder posts. The “lawful ownership” of land, of course in people sense, is always temporal, which is obvious for people with sober and wise minds, who are able to consider the Earth and own lifespan and own mortality as well as all creatures and people on it. The lawful land ownership is always constitute the form of land lease, it’s always collective and always peaceful. The unlawful land conquest is always coming through and from killing, with crimes, genocide and mass murdering, false claims and statements created by claimants or their people people in advance. The unlawful land conquest or occupation will be always reversed, and land will be returned to rightful owners with compensation for losses and rehabilitation. There were no other way in Universe in old times as well as it's now and as it will be in future.

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