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Each planet as a living being, same as humans and animals, can function for prolonged period of time if its flesh is not deadly damaged, living cells are not corrupted by external forces, ecosystem is balanced and self-sustained. The Planet, as all creatures on it, flora and fauna, water, minerals and oil are all shearing the same part of the Universal Creation code, which can’t be changed, modified, combined, edited by anybody but Him. The Earthly Life is a life of the living entity, which is working as a big circle on material plan. We came from Earth and go to the Earth. People eat creatures who eat the worms and some people eat worms, people eat fruits, vegetables, meat, fish stuffed with eating them worms and in the end the warms will eat the people’s corpses. Nobody can change this order and brake His Code without exterminating consequences. But Others driven by greed and ignorance are killing people by genetically modified food and products. These criminals against Him finance, create, permit, promote, sell and harvest GMO crops and food with broken, corrupted creation codes. We are what we eat. This corrupted and deadly food breaking our body internal code, make us extremely sick, transform us to the fatty bowls unable to normally think, work and function. These “food” and “products” are converting people into explosive, overextended fatty blisters, which corpses heavily stuffed with GMO food cells and Monsanto pesticides. Soon we will see that GMO transformed people corpses after death won’t be decomposed properly and worms won’t be able to consume them, same as they can’t eat now GMO transformed apples. The poisoned by GMO people are becoming permanently ill and will soon spend all money to pay medical bills. So the GMO crop and food producing corporations are enslaving people to the cruel medical system, which is owned by the same corporations and people who produce the GMO!

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