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On other hand, existence of our eternal life will sadly produce a lot of tensions, complications and questions for us. We will start worry about the evolution, our readiness to be promoted to the next stage. The Better World location and conditions for entry will suddenly become crucial for us. Who is going to prepare us for the highest world’s lifestyle and accommodations!? By the way, why the most of us have to die to get there, in time when 5% of us, the rich bloodsuckers already live in a Better World now here on the Earth? Ha, Ha!

They call that place as the Better World. Between us, I would never call our imperfect world as a worst world for myself. I’d have no objections to stay in this imperfect and "worst world” in good health and body conditions for another couple of hundred years!

I suspect that only reason for not allowing us to stay here longer is our own bad behavior in time of our transitions between these two worlds. We all were screaming, yelling, crying, wetting our pants and begging to leave us alone, when unavoidable time was coming for us to leave either of these two worlds. Our birth and death procedures are the big messes.

I guess for the well-known and respectful entities who were assigned to supervise the birth and death processing it's always frustrating to observe the same horrifying scenes performed by same actors every several decades, but each time for completely opposite reasons. Eternal questions: “Why you are pushing me to this miserable human life?” and next will be: “Why now you are pushing me from the beautiful human life?” and so on

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