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Poor creatures, each time spend they spend a lot energy kicking us from one world to another. This is the hell of a job, even for a special person, but we are people and we are never happy. We don’t like any changes, even for good and we are always scared with unknown future. Could we have some special courses, so we will know what to expect in future Better world or have some bit memory left about our past transfers?

When we are here, we have no idea how the Better World works, what kind of rules and regulations there and etc.

After many years spend here on Earth I doubt that I'm in the Worst World. Where in universe I could sleep with such a pretty creature as a young Earthly girl, eat a bloody stake and drink Heineken? I’m afraid that they don’t have such a good stuff over there. I've read occasionally in some old book that they even didn't allow our first guys residing there to eat a single apple, don’t mention to have a nice and wild sex! Pretty strict and quite scare conditions in the Better world, aren’t they? I hope they’ve made already some nice changer there since then? Or nothing has been changed there and this is the reason why they don't tell us anything about the Better world accommodations and rules? They are afraid that people won't rush there and will do whatever it takes to stay here on Earth. For myself, I can survive there on the fruits diet easily, but the opportunity to have a masturbation as the only fun for centuries spent there doesn’t excite me at all.

I've heard from some guys about a lot of similarities between Better World and Earthly world. If it's true, it should be some nice places in the better world, where some guys can have nice lifestyle and enjoy great living conditions like millions of rich pricks having it here and now, enjoying their lives, when most of people are suffering daily and slavered by them to working and make them even richer. I have no intentions to join these rich pricks in either worlds, but I like to have some freedom of my choices, where, how to live and with whom.

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