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Some old Greek guy mentioned Underworld River, which we all will have to cross after our death. The old ferryman is delivering all descended people without pity to their destination on other side of the River in strict accordance with their ferry tickets. What kind of tickets we will get for that ferry, what will be ours destinations and how to get better tickets and from whom? A lot of unanswered questions!

Other guy told me a while ago, that some guys were able to build a raft, while they were alive here. Later they were able to use it to cross the River and they’ve reached some nice places there. In general, I like his idea about building the raft, but that guy didn’t tell me where to get materials for my raft: beams, ropes and nails and where to get good Underworld map and food for travel there. Also I’m afraid that may be they already imposed there some kind of controlling system and they already start checking ferry tickets at every entry gates?

May be somebody has some ideas about it and knows where to get that stuff and also currency we can use there?

I had no ideas where and how to get that materials for the raft, so I made decision to learn how to swim, dive and even tried to find out how to walk by the water. Walking by the water sounds pretty romantic and it can be helpful in crossing that Underworld's River. But last known guy who was able to do so was some Jordanian, who lived couple of thousands years ago. Unfortunately he was brutally killed, crucified by small rulers of the small country for promoting freedom of speech, justice and people freedom. They didn’t like his attitude and superman’s abilities, despite the big fact that He was in country on a Big Mission. It’s sad! Also, due to brutality and stupidity of that country’s rulers and negligent of occupying authorities all his records were destroyed or lost and now we have no his words about walking by the water.

So I have to concentrated on swimming, may be diving and walking under water. I’ve learn to do some stuff there, but I have no idea how to walk by the water. Do you? May be somebody can help me? Have any ideas? In return I could teach how to swim, walk and even see some things under the water. May be we could open together some swimming and diving classes, even more, some kind of raft building classes?

Regards, Farmer

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