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There is only one person in the Universe who owns the World, possess all monopoly rights within it. He is the Creator of Universe, the Owner and the Guardian of It. We’ve never seen Him and know nothing about Him. Some of us are trying to listen, pray, understand His Universe, World, Laws, His Intentions and to align themselves accordingly. Many just bend the knee, eulogize Him, pray, fallow the holly books and live in peace and prosperity. Some pray just to crave His favors and miracles. Many just care about material lives, use common sense and logic to get through the life.

   Others pray and use holy books for own profit. They commit crimes, bad things in sake of Him, just covering by His name own greed and lowland urges. They steal from people freedom and truth, power and happiness, prosperity and love. They start bloody criminal wars and policies, they create lawless monopolies and Scot-free, disgraceful businesses. They gain profit on production of monstrous weapons and GMO seeds, food and pesticides of mass distractions in the name of Him.

How dare it is and how dare they are! Isn’t it? Aren’t they?

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